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Jan 28, 2013 7:00am EST
with the ecb to make sure that the euro got through this problem. i was designated to ask you about the banking union. and at that point he was there optimistic. he thought the banking union could be worked on, in place in the first quarter of this year. well, now they've moved it to the first quarter hopefully in 2014 and you still have argument somehow it is going to be done. so you need to put a timeline on this and then you've got to adhere to it. but to get the banking system back with similar regulations throughout the eurozone is absolutelabsolutel absolutely necessary. it is key to the recovery of your. second of all is a plan that he talked about on july 26 in london last year. which is the outright monetary transaction, whereas the ecb would buy bonds from the country's in trouble, along with the european stability mechanism under certain conditions. in other words, certain conditionality. now, the ecb is going to put up that conditionality. they have enough on there. and so it will probably be international monetary fund, but they haven't really agreed what kind of conditionality the
Jan 21, 2013 6:30pm EST
much to add a debt crisis of the euro zone, mr. president. present from a letter the german chancellor up-and-down. i'd say you go about 140 kimber take five pounds. [laughter] am i in the ballpark? [laughter] chancellor merkel, hoping she might misunderstand the president said i believe -- excuse me, i believe the future of the euro will dominate our discussions in the coming days. the city that is more bridges than any other city in the world is pittsburgh, pennsylvania romney said. congratulations. congratulations to pittsburgh, chancellor merkel last? president romney thought for a moment. now, just congratulations. stephen harper, prime minister of canada china group in nature introduced himself to president romney. are you a french-canadian origin? president romney said no i'm not the prime minister replied, but i am canadian. this states michigan is the petoskey's the president said. then spotting a few feet away status, are you french-canadian origin? now, i'm david cameron, prime minister of the united kingdom. president romney looked at kamran and ben harper and cameron again
Jan 27, 2013 3:00pm EST
central bank to drop interest rates which would, i think, push the euro lower and help on exports. i think it always hangs out there, you know, that's the biggest argument why greece should leave the euro. i do not see that you're going to have the two-tiered or three-tiered system. .. because if you don't show there's growth potential -- i should say portugal increased its experts substantially, -- exports substantially. you have to be competitive. you have to have deregulation. those are even more important than a devaluation, because a devaluation only last so long, whereas if you make the structural changes -- this is going to be a challenge for -- you had 14 of these stimulus programs since the late 1990s in japan, and none of them have really done the job. so you have to bundle this up in a packet, and put them through. so that's the best way i can answer you. i think that where europeans have fallen down -- goes back to the questions we already had -- they didn't put the emphasis on being competitive. they didn't put the emphasis on driving the fiscal side and the monetary said and
Jan 6, 2013 5:15pm EST
is one of the euros school. they're run the army caught up with what he was doing. you is this tech? we get to play catch up. i did not -- i was in a cocoon those six months. i did not have a chance to go off campus and talk with the locals and see that. again, there is the square, william faulkner square down and the middle of oxford. i don't know if it still happens that way, but if you are an african american 1962 and had any business on a square, you better be about a quickly. go to the bank. no loitering. no hanging around talking to each other. did your job done and move on. if you tried on a hat, it was your had. you bought it. that kind of a culture. the army has this kind of assignment. humor breaks out. thank god for that. one of our black officers says, when the front of a bus. i'm in the front of of bus in mississippi. that kind of survival humor because it was boring. it was boring, except for those first moments of tension during the riots and the intention letter on when he would be moving from class to class, and we would spot a car that should not be there, someone that
Jan 20, 2013 5:00pm EST
. [inaudible] by what they see these euros 30 or 40 years wednesday become top dog? how a site than 30 years ago when you guys are the number one power. why should we do that anymore? most countries are opportunistic. if circumstances change, they will change and loss of international rules are a good 30, 40 years in the past will no longer be valid. so it's naÏve to establish a stable, international order and utopian premise because the united states agreed to subordinated sovereignty and global authority when it was the leading power that others will do the same sometime in the future. of course this also fails on the more grams of democratic self-governance. a lot of the vital interests of the united states. the most vital interest of the united states are securing the preservation and preparation of democratic self-government, of liberty and our way of life. if we subordinate ourselves, we party given up our vital interests. so i would argue that to suggest with our values, subjective to a jurisdiction as the declaration of independence put it would in effect be committing democratic su
Jan 1, 2013 9:05am EST
and something about the world. did you see this poster from the e.u. showing all of the symbols of the euro? it showed a cross, star of david and so on and a hammer and sickle. there is a bit of an outcry from the lithuanians. and i ask why does it take the lithuanians, why aren't we in the west sympathetic enough to the persecuted under communism to object ourselves? white -- why would we leave it to them? i am relaxed about these symbols. we see a guy what they cccp with hammers and sickles and i once did a study on this on a simple magazine piece and some people say it's proof. it's kind of funny. you know, you don't see the pictures on t-shirts. it's just a t-shirt. as andrew daniels points out if we only took one good picture in this life he looks like a moon star and he got his cheekbones just right but it wasn't all that much, honestly. this is all regarding chambers, but he was a witness and a truth teller and it was really hard for him to forsake not popular approval but the approval of the people that mattered was colleagues and journalism and what we might call the liberal establ
Jan 5, 2013 3:55pm EST
swamps on the right to know about obama as the euro socialist radical republicans never explained how the $716 billion in spending stimulus that even paul ryan supported well above the 787 tax and spending stimulus was crushing status and in the deaths of american free enterprise. that's the beauty of the minority. the stimulus is early evidence obama was but he said he was, this data oriented left of center technocrats above all privatized. it is the first evidence after campaigning as they change the system outsider, he would govern as they were persistent insider. despite the flowery talk he understood those that don't pass congress don't produce change. the stimulus producing change in iraq but obama was he was the worst guy, turns out he's more of a deep sky. not producing perfection, but it's making things better and better is better than worse. before the stimulus, 20%.receives juiciest electronic medical records. we won't have to fill out pages of paperwork or atomic go to the doctor. will reduce our costs and improve care. stimulus directly lifted 7 million americans out of p
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)